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What it Laugh & Bank App?

Laugh & Bank App is certainly a fun and addicting web-based app they use to bank as much as $764.25+ daily simply by rating & sharing funny jokes & YouTube vids directly thru the app and getting paid every time someone clicks to rate their submissions “FUNNY”.

It’s 2022, and if you are not having FUN generating income online by now something is seriously wrong. They are living in a world of self driving cars, artificial intelligence, and robots that can do back flips. And thanks to much the same technology. They are ALSO living in a world where countless people are now collecting $1000’s each day on-line with: NO traffic-getting or selling; NO social media, NO video creation; NO product creation; NO web site or email list and ultimately, with NO online business at all.

Let’s face it. Just the fewest of the few can push through and do something BORING to make their own money. And it’s all b’cuz boredom destroys motivation. So the odds are HUGELY against you succeeding if you are faced with never-ending on-line chores like these that suck the joy out of you: Scrounging for traffic and visitors; Struggling to “sell” & “promote” stuff; Writing crud-loads of content; Shooting & editing videos; Researching & creating products. The incredible new app I am about to officially unveil requires none of the above. And better yet – its easily the most fun and addicting income generating app they have EVER released. It’s called Laugh & Bank App.

How Does It Work?

Start Laughing All The Way To The Bank

(People All Over The World Are Flooding In – Anyone Can Do This!)

Step 1: We Crack Open The Laugh & Bank App!

(Grab your Copy Before The 1 Hour Price-Jump!)

Step 2: We’ve Fun Rating & Sharing Vids & Jokes…..

(Just 1 Joke Or Video Link Daily Is MONEY!)

Step 3: We Then Relax & Collect Daily Commissions On Auto-pilot For Every 1-Click “Funny” Rating We Get!

(How many 1000’s of funny ratings will your favorite funny videos & jokes get?)

..I told ya it was fun! But do not take my word for it..

Laugh & Bank Funnel

$67 With $47 Downsell

Takers of this OTO receive 24-7-365 auto-pilot traffic to their members-only Laugh & Bank referral program affiliate links.

$197 With $97 Downsell

Takers of this OTO double their 1-click shared revenue commissions on every “Funny” rating they receive (on the jokes & funny video links they submit to the app).

This means an INSTANT technique to double commissions hands-free with zero extra effort!

$47 With $27 Downsell

Takers of this OTO receive everything needed to amass a huge cash-on-demand Laugh & Bank email list.

$197 With $97 Downsell

Takers of this OTO are auto-unlocked for DOUBLE submissions to the Laugh & Bank app, meaning yet another technique to DOUBLE their L&B commissions (ultimately meaning QUADRUPLE commissions when they decide to add both OTO 2 and OTO 4)!

OTO5: Laugh & Bank $1,000 DOLLAR DAZE
$97 With $47 Downsell

Takers of this OTO get to replace our backend webinar link with their own affiliate link, meaning $500-$1,000+ high ticket commissions on auto-pilot.

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