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AI Buddy Review 2023

Ai Buddy OTO – Ai Buddy Software By Uddhab Pramanik Review – Ai Buddy Review

Ai Buddy OTO All OTOs’ Links Reviews Coupon Code: There is a front end offer & 7 other OTOs. The 1st is Ai Buddy PRO, the 2nd Ai Buddy OTO is Ai Buddy MAX, the 3rd is Ai Buddy DFY, the 4th Ai Buddy OTO is Ai Buddy Marketing, the 5th Ai Buddy OTO is Ai Buddy Agency, the 6th Ai Buddy OTO is Ai Buddy Reseller, the 7th Ai Buddy OTO is Ai Buddy Whitelabel. The product is by Uddhab Pramanik.

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Ai Buddy OTO 1: Ai Buddy PRO

Ai Buddy OTO 2: Ai Buddy MAX

Ai Buddy OTO 3: Ai Buddy DFY

Ai Buddy OTO 4: Ai Buddy MarketingKit

Ai Buddy OTO 5: Ai Buddy Agency

Ai Buddy OTO 6: Ai Buddy Reseller

Ai Buddy OTO 7: Ai Buddy Whitelabel

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AI Buddy Review

AI Buddy review- The introduction

ChatGPT is shaking up the internet like a seismic shockwave. With its uncanny ability to understand and respond to human language, it’s changing the game for everyone, from businesses and organizations to individuals and beyond.

It’s revolutionizing industries from customer service and marketing to software development, making it an absolute must-have for anyone looking to streamline their processes and take their efficiency to the next level.

Imagine if just minutes from now, you could get access to the world’s first fully ChatGPT & OpenAI powered app with limitless functionality that creates, writes, codes, and designs anything instantly with just a few keystrokes or with your Siri-like voice commands. How would you feel about that?

It is no far future for you to start capitalizing on such advanced technology because in the review today, I am going to reveal a ChatGPT-powered app with superpowers that lets you skyrocket your business and sales, like never before. This product is called AI Buddy.

Say “Hi” to this next-gen ChatGPT-driven “Google-killer” app with a detailed review of this product from my post today!

AI Buddy About the product

AI Buddy is the world’s first ChatGPT-driven, Google-killer app that generates human-like responses, writes complex codes, designs stunning ai visuals from text, automates repetitive tasks & creates high-quality content, including ebooks, stories, articles, sales scripts, video scripts, ads, posts, reels content and more.

It works in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Grab AI Buddy

Click any of the buy buttons on this page to get a copy of AI Buddy.

Step 2: Create

Generate high-quality content, Ai visuals, codes, marketing scripts, sales scripts, or anything you want just with a single keyword.

Step 3: Sit back & Profit

Use them for your marketing needs or sell them to companies or customers for maximum profit.

AI Buddy Review- About its creators

Uddhab Pramanik is the man behind this amazing product. He is an online marketer and software developer with a huge number of customers actively using and benefiting from his products.

He has been doing online marketing for many years, having done multiple six-figure product launches and webinar promotions, across many platforms, such as JVZoo, PayKickStart, and others. His products consistently deliver real-life results plus the support team is available to help users achieve more.

Let’s take a look at his previous successful launches: SendPal, InfinityBlog, InfinityBooking, Infinity A.I, PrimeHost 2.0, etc.

What excellent features can you get inside this package?

AI Buddy harnesses the power of ChatGPT & generates your desired requirements instantly. Here’re the limitless possibilities that come along with AI Buddy to skyrocket your business and sales like never before:

+ Fully ChatGPT & Open A.I.-powered app

You can just need to type or ask anything about anything that you want and AI Buddy creates them at the speed of light saving you time and money

+ ChatGPT-driven human-like answering bot

The platform can generate human-like crisp & clear answers to complex questions in real-time. You can also utilize this to generate high-converting marketing materials like sales scripts, ad copy, email swipes, product descriptions, etc.

+ Built-in Siri-like voice command instructor

All you have to do is give Siri-like voice commands & AI Buddy generates high-converting marketing materials, content and so much more in a blink of an eye.

You can create high-quality original content like eBooks, articles, essays, stories, poems & much more just with your voice command or writes creative blog posts, social media posts, Facebook ads, google ads, and reel content for your business

+ Design stunning AI graphics, visuals, and art instantly

The AI can build professional-looking funnels & website codes just by typing your desired specifications as well as automate repetitive tasks and save your time

There is also a built-in AI chatbot for handling sales & support for you

+ 1-click social media sharing

You can blast out the content and media generated to any social platform in just one simple click

+ Free commercial license included

With AI Buddy, now you have the power to stop paying monthly fees to content & copywriters and start generating and selling as many assets as you like to clients.

Pick up a copy of AI Buddy today to receive a special bonus worth $997:

AI Buddy Review- My experience trying the product

How to exploit this platform?

Let me take you through a tour of easy steps to take the hold of this useful app.

[+] Login

First of all, you have to log into your account:

[+] Dashboard

Right after you have successfully logged into the dashboard, you will see the current statistics of your campaigns as well as the shortcut to watch the tutorial video to get started if you are a complete newbie.

[+] ChatGPT Copywriter

Now let’s move on to the most awaited feature of the app, the automatic high-quality text generator. All you have to do is insert a keyword and wait for the AI to create paragraphs of text for you.

You can use it for your blog, business, or other purposes:

[+] AI Image Generator

Next, you can also utilize the power of AI to create personalized images, again, simply by adding keywords:

[+] Image Variation Setting

Moreover, there is this unique feature that helps you generate variations of your uploaded file. You can now use them for different campaigns and projects:

And finally, the app allows you to search for high-quality images within the same platform conveniently:

Below is the instruction in video format:


My using experience

In this era, we are on the verge of this paradigm-shifting A.I. revolution which is redefining the boundaries of human intelligence and, skyrocketing business and sales to new levels like never before.

However, coming up with fresh, innovative ideas for content can be frustrating & is the common pain point of every writer so opt for the excellent assistance of AI, especially AI Buddy is an ideal choice for everyone.

Now say “goodbye” to expensive, outdated content, graphics creation tools & services & switch to this next-gen futuristic ChatGPT-driven technology because it is superior to any apps you have seen on the market.

The ability to craft high-quality plagiarism-free SEO content and rank your websites, generate codes like a PRO, simply by describing what you need, transform your vision into reality, and create stunning AI art & images with just a few keystrokes are a few of the amazing features of this new technology.

You can then start profiting by selling these high-in-demand marketing content, AI graphics and so much more to your clients or on freelancing platforms like Fiverr & Upwork while filling up your pockets.

The possibilities with AI Buddy is just endless, translate languages, solve math problems, or do anything you want.

Let’s see how people are already thriving with the application of this software:

Price and the upgraded versions

AI Buddy front-end

If you leave this page, you’ll lose the biggest opportunity of your life in 2023 because this deal cannot get any more valuable in this launch. With just $16.95 to spend, you can get access to the whole package I presented in the previous sections.

After all, for just $16.95, you would be able to get this revolutionary ChatGPT-powered app that solves all your marketing needs and skyrockets sales and profits like never before.

But that’s going to change quickly so I urge you to get it now and enjoy using it for 30 days as in the unlikely event you’re not thrilled with your results, you just need to contact their friendly support concierge desk for a hassle-free and full refund.

Ai Buddy FE – Coupon code: AIBUDDY3


Ai Buddy OTO 1: Ai Buddy PRO

Ai Buddy OTO 2: Ai Buddy MAX

Ai Buddy OTO 3: Ai Buddy DFY

Ai Buddy OTO 4: Ai Buddy MarketingKit

Ai Buddy OTO 5: Ai Buddy Agency

Ai Buddy OTO 6: Ai Buddy Reseller

Ai Buddy OTO 7: Ai Buddy Whitelabel

Remember! Get Coupon Code “AIBUDDY3” With All OTOs’ Links At Check Out

The upgrades

Besides the main product offer, the creator team also provides some more upgrades below, you can choose any upgrade that you think will help you improve your own business and earn money from them.

After you finish payment of the main offer (FE), you will be automatically redirected to the OTO1 –> OTO2 –> ….–> OTO7, let’s check them one by one. There is NO all-in-one bundle offer with this launch.

OTO 1: PRO – $37 (one-time payment)

With this upgrade 01, you will get access to the PRO features of AI Buddy to get its MAXIMUM benefits…

Moreover, you will 10x your conversion, leads & sales by activating its PRO features!

OTO 2: MAX – $67 (one-time payment)

UNLOCK: Unlimited max account and double, triple, or even quadruple your traffic & profits in just 1-click!

Unlock: Unlimited content creation, unlimited ai graphics & art creation, unlimited answers to unlimited questions, unlimited code generation, unlimited marketing materials creation, unlimited ai bots, unlimited commercial license & unlimited profits…

OTO 3: DONE FOR YOU – $67 (one-time payment)

Get everything 100% done for you.

The creator team will set up your AI Buddy account & load it with high-converting content, A.I. graphics & marketing materials that skyrocket your sales and profit like never before…

OTO 4: MARKETING KIT – $47 (one-time payment)

Tap into additional 4 billion users and 10x your traffic, and sales in just 1-click with this DONE-FOR-YOU Business-In-A-Box that gets you 2-in-1 best marketing tools funnel & website builder & turbo SMPT email autoresponder.

OTO 5: AGENCY – $97 (one-time payment)

Grab this agency upgrade to create limitless AI Buddy accounts for your clients and start profiting like never before…

OTO 6: RESELLER – $97 (one-time payment)

Would you like to get access to resell AI Buddy & keep 100% profit from your sales?

Get access to all our sales materials from sales pages to VSLs without any extra charge…

OTO 7: WHITE LABEL – $197 (one-time payment)

Unlock the White-label license, your opportunity to start your own turnkey online software business!

AI Buddy Review- Pros and Cons


World’s first fully ChatGPT-driven google-killer app

Generate human-like responses to complex questions with just 1-click

Generate complex codes just by giving a little description

Design jaw-dropping funnels and websites in any niche just by voice command

Done-for-you high-converting campaigns for maximum profits

Automate repetitive bulky tasks and let AI Buddy handle them for you

Generate high-quality content, eBooks, stories, novels, articles, sales scripts, video scripts, or anything you wanted.

Built-in voice command like Siri

Say no to expensive content writers, story writers, support experts, etc.

Unlimited translation to any language

Make AI Buddy reply to large emails, supports, queries, and much more.

Create and sell unlimited content, codes, visuals, ad copies, ideas, and anything you can think of

Convert big text files into voiceovers instantly and vice versa

Create SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your blogs, emails, and website 10x faster.

24*7 support from experts

100% money-back guarantee


Up until now, there is none.

Who should buy this product?

I can assure you that AI Buddy works in every niche. It doesn’t matter if you are a dropshipper if you are using JvZoo, Warrior Plus, or Shopify, or selling health, physical or digital products. If you belong to the following list, let’s take this software into consideration:

Digital Marketer

Affiliate Marketers



Local Consultants

Ecom Store Owners

AI Buddy Review- The conclusion

So there you have it, I advise you to act quickly on this or you will miss out on this amazing launch and regret it greatly later.

This is definitely a cost-effective product for you to help you get on the right track of making money online. Thus, this is not only a low-cost but also a risk-free investment! Grab your chance and start maximizing your profits now.

Thank you for spending time reading my AI Buddy review today!

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