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Affiliate Funnel Maps Review OTO – Affiliate Funnel Maps App By Ben Fletcher

Affiliate Funnel Maps OTO All OTOs Upsells Reviews And Coupon: There is 1 FE offer & 8 other OTOs aka One Time Offers. The 1st Affiliate Funnel Maps OTO is Commission Bully 3M – $3M Affiliate Launch Teardown, the 2nd is Automated Income Assets, the 3rd is Underground Traffic Sources. There are down sells for every OTO. The product is by Ben Fletcher. All the links >>>

Remember! OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Front End, Can Get Any 1 Or More OTOs From Below If Already Got Front End.

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Affiliate Funnel Maps

Commission Bully 3M

Automated Income Assets

Underground Traffic Sources


Vendor Ben Fletcher
Product Affiliate Funnel Maps
Front-End Price $17
Refund YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Niche Affiliate Marketing
Support Effective Response
Discount >>>CLICK HERE TO GRAB IT<<<
Recommended Highly Recommended

Thanks to Ben Fletcher, I get the results I wanted


The SIX Stupid Simple Affiliate Funnel Maps Capable of 2x, 3x or even 4x Your Affiliate Sales……before your next gas bill hits the doormat!

It’s 2023 – if any of that crap ever worked…those days are long gone. You’re tired of being told so… we both know it’s not true… eventually everybody else will wake up too and smell the coffee. It’s like a graveyard of broken dreams out there. So I gotta tell you. I once heard some wise words that went something like this: “If making money online was as easy as they make it out to be…everyone would be doing it”. Whilst it’s not easy, there are certain things that will give you the edge over others.

Because the fact is. Yes! Give Me The Maps. $67  $17 For a  Limited Time Only. Just 1 Percent More Knowledge Than The Next Guy… Automatically Gives You A MASSIVE ‘Gilt Edged’ Advantage. These suckers still haven’t figured out that it takes more than a bunch of fake-ass testimonials and some re-hashed (badly) coded software to make it as an Affiliate in 2023. So if you do nothing else. Please understand this: Your life will dramatically improve beyond recognition when you drill into your brain affiliate marketing’s #1 rule: Behind every ultra-successful affiliate I’ve ever met are cash pulling, game changing, wallet stuffing SYSTEMS. (I call these “maps”).

That can be deployed relentlessly over and over again…on DEMAND! And you’d be surprised how many so called affiliates – not all of them beginners – forget or even wilfully ignore the importance of having proven systems in place. And then wonder why they crash and burn. As I already said….It’s like a graveyard of abject failure out there – I’m constantly amazed at how many people go about it the wrong way. These days, you can’t just launch a campaign and cross your fingers it works out… then sit back and hope for the best. That just won’t cut it anymore and it’s a BRUTAL way to fail. Introducing Your 1%…AFFILIATE FUNNEL MAPS.

His methods are completely up to date and have allowed him not only to survive but get consistent affiliate sales & commissions into my bank account in 2023. That means it’s ready for you to capitalize on right now. These Affiliate Funnel Maps you are about to get access to are the exact steps & processes that have been used to accomplish all that and now you can COPY those exact steps for similar results that will be visible in YOUR bank account too.


  • Here’s everything you get TODAY inside Affiliate Funnel Maps:
  • Component #1: All 6 of his own Internal Affiliate Funnel Maps. You get every Affiliate Funnel Map he uses on a daily basis internally inside his own affiliate business. These are the EXACT funnel maps he uses and deploy to execute his own winning affiliate promos. You get every map in downloadable format so you can download them, print them and mark them up and use them in your own affiliate campaigns and promotions – ON-DEMAND!
  • Component #2: ‘Watch over my shoulder’ video dissection of each map. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you just need to yank a map and use it. Whilst you CAN do that…in his opinion, it would be a BIG mistake if you did. With half a dozen Affiliate Funnel Maps to choose from it’s absolutely critical to your profits that you pick the CORRECT one to use. Because each map has a different use case and if you choose the wrong one…you’ll be leaving a heap of cash on the table. Picking the RIGHT map will make or break your promotions and that’s why he has recorded ‘over the shoulder’ video dissections of each one. It’ll be as if he is sitting right next to you picking out the RIGHT map for your promotion!
  • Component #3: Downloadable C.R.I.B sheet of each map. As he has mentioned above, each Affiliate Funnel Map is unique and each are designed for specific situations & audiences. He has provided downloadable C.R.I.B sheets of each map for quick reference so you’ll never have to ‘guess’ which one to use! Value: Priceless!


  • Affiliate Funnel Maps work for:
  • Any Niche (Make Money Online, IM, Dating, Weight Loss, Woodworking, Dog Training ….literally any niche you can think of!)
  • Any Affiliate Offer (High Ticket, Low Ticket, Trials, Webinars, Courses…anything that pays a commission)
  • Any (almost) Traffic Sources (the few sources these won’t work for is largely useless traffic that don’t buy anything anyway).
  • And the best part More than a decade later, these maps are still the easiest, simplest and most immediately profitable way to make consistent Sales he has ever found…


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